Foto Fun Friday: Eavesdroppin'

/ Friday, March 11, 2011

Seriously, I didn't mean to. At 7am in the morning, I just couldn't help it. I sat there in a crowded, busy airport terminal innocently drinking my coffee. Really. And, I had a lot going through my head - rechecking my bag, ensuring my boarding pass was accessible, and waiting to hear my name called just-in-case I needed to show proof of ID- yes, I am going to WPPI in Las Vegas and no, I will not be ordering any meals today. But, here I was eavesdropping on what first sounded like an argument brewing... the couple behind me, specifically the wife/girl friend, was distressed. So, my ears perked up. For the sake of this dialogue, she will be considered 'wife' and he will be considered 'hubby'.

Wife: What time does our flight board?
Hubby: We have about an hour or so until take-off.
Wife: I'm hungry.
Hubby: Mmhmmm...
Wife: What's around here?
Hubby: A few places... did you want something?
Wife: Ummm I don't know...
Hubby: I'll get it for you... what do you want?
Wife: Well, there's really nothing here.
Hubby: I can find something.
Wife: But, look at that line. *She points.
Hubby: Really, it's not that bad. We have an hour.
Wife: All I really want is coffee and that line is not worth it just for coffee.
Hubby: ...
Wife: Did you read the paper?
Hubby: No.
Wife: Yah, we need that too.
Hubby: I'll get it.
Wife: But, look at that line. *She points again.

This goes on... for about 30 minutes. The topics were different - getting water, buying food, a magazine. It's enough to drive a person up the wall. The wife in the same whiny voice and the husband very consoling. But, nothing happens. Nothing. Instead, we all line up under our designated groups and board. And, of course, I had to take a picture of this moment:

And, yes, I stood in that long line and got my own coffee, too. =)


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