Foto Fun Friday: I want....!

/ Friday, March 25, 2011

Scene - @ mile 25 of the LA Marathon - Me calling Paul

Me: Hey, I'm at mile 25 so I should be done soon. It's raining pretty hard so can you come by and pick me up - it'll be easier.
Paul: OK. Sounds good. I'll stay in the truck.
Me: I want Joe Peeps pizza. And, In-and-Out. Sushi. Yes, sushi. No, I want Joe Peeps.
Paul: Silence.
Me: Yes, Joe Peeps. Do you think we can stop by on the way to my house?
Paul: Sure, no problem.
Scene - in the truck
Me: I want In-and-Out. And, ice cream. And, Carney's hot dogs. But, In-and-Out first.

Needless to say, today is my last foodie day and I've had everything I wanted BUT sushi. Sigh.


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