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/ Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The picture above was taken over two weeks ago as I wait to board my plane to Las Vegas. Nervous? Yes. Excited? Yes. The same mixture of emotions I felt my first day as a college freshmen, my first real job, and at the start of my first triathlon. There are more firsts and this moment was one of them. I was about to embark on this great journey and I didn't know what to make of it. So, I decided to write. I wrote in my journal throughout my trip to WPPI - quick notes here and there - for me to remember these moments. Reading my scribbles now makes me smile. I learned.so.much.

With that said, here are my Top 10 things I learned at WPPI 2011:
10. Comfie shoes vs. boots. Go with shoes next time because boots, although 'comfie', are not. Especially with a full day of walking and running to your 8am class.
9. You'll cry. Don't even hold back... just go with it. Pro photographers are just that - they are pros at tugging on your heart strings through their amazing photos.
8. When Dane Sanders spells your name wrong while signing the book you bought from him for $$$, it's OK. See #9.
7. Make sure to sleep. And sleep well. Take vitamins and bring anti-bacterial hand gel. Yes, WPPI SARS exists... thank goodness it didn't happen to me!
6. This is a business - protect yourself.
5. Have a WPPI buddy/roommate. Someone to debrief with at the end of the night and send text messages to during your platform classes. Find time to outline your notes. Share and share alike.
4. Focus on what you want to get out of WPPI and remain on that path... if it's to party, PARTAY! If it's to learn, LEARN and ROCK IT!
3. Every photog can relate and give awesome advice --- network, network, network
2. Build your action plan after WPPI and go with it full force! You have nothing to lose!
1. Stay true to you, your brand, and your business. This is your dream - live it. Love it.

So, what did I implement after WPPI? A whole bunch... establishing every little thing about my business, changing vendors (especially album companies), setting up my website, looking at my packaging. I have a lot to do but I've kept it about #1. As the weeks pass, I'll be able to show more and I can't wait! For now, here are some outtakes from my trip all taken with my awesome iPhone:

So true!
Going to the [b] school party
Stephanie & I
Oh, Louis Pang, you rock!
@ the Trade show

Soooo the question I am asked of the most is... do I plan on going back? Yes. My approach will be different but for this first go around, it was perfect for me.


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