Capturing: The Renaissance Faire

/ Monday, April 18, 2011

I love attending the Renaissance Faire! Turkey legs, fun games, and comedy shows... what more can a girl ask for? Since I ran the LA Marathon, I was fortunate to receive two free tickets to go again this year --- Thanks for the extra ticket, Trish! Paul & I have always have a great time when we go... especially seeing everyone in their unique and intricate costumes.

Paul finally purchased the wooden mug he looks at every year--- yay!

We also looked around the little shops and grabbed yummy snacks...

And, we played a game to test our strength! I didn't do that well, but Paul rang the bell with ease. Hmph!

It was a perfect sunny day in Irwindale... can't wait for next year!



  1. Hey,
    It has been awhile 
    I just went to the faire and I was checking out your site & saw you were there too.
    Love love love these pictures & all of them!
    You do an amazing job.
    Take care <3,


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