Capturing: Spring SOOC

/ Monday, April 25, 2011

There's something about spring... maybe its the flowers blooming, the soft dew in the morning, the newness of life, the allergies. Although I'm allergic to spring, I love this time of the year anyway. Technically, spring started on March 20th. To me, it's only started recently due to such odd weather we've been having in Southern California. Last week, I picked up my camera and walked around the neighborhood. The pictures below are just a few I captured. The pictures were taken with my D700 & 35-70mm f/2.8 film lens. They are also SOOC or "straight-out-of-camera". Spring doesn't need any post-processing... =)

I learned to shoot by doing it... photo walks allowed me to play with my camera and capture such great things around me. Including this:

Peacocks love to roam my part of town. I hear them before I go to bed - wishing everyone a 'good night'. They - yes, they - also chase me during my training runs and push me to run faster. I thank them for their encouragement. This particular afternoon, he was happily singing a song and I followed the sound to catch this picture. Luckily, he wasn't too far away and my neighbor happily obliged while I snapped a few photos.

Have you been on a photo walk? If not, grab a camera and rock it! All you'll need is a camera, a lovely afternoon, and shoes on your feet. Oh, and a snack. I love snacks.


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