Project 52: Week 14

/ Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Me: I have a great place in mind for your shoot! I can't wait to take you there!
Client: Great!
Me: You don't mind the woods, do you? I mean, it's not really THE WOODS. But, no one's going to know where we are.
Client: ???
Me: We'll just go up this windy road for about five miles and the fence is reallllly low. And, there aren't any scary animals there. At least, I didn't see any when I was there last.
Client: Sure, I guess. (With some uncertainty)
Me: Yay!

My client was a trooper. They TRUSTED me to find a spot --- that speaks volumes. Especially when it came to this one in particular. I love finding secret spots to take them. A secluded place where we can shoot and play all day. They can be themselves and I just click. Click. Click. Click.


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