35 years and going...

/ Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on Monday. Their commitment and love for each other is remarkable. As I look back, they took many risks together... they moved to the United States with 3 children in tow, acclimated to a different culture & language, worked completely different careers, and the list goes on. And they still continue to take risks together. Make decisions together. Live life to the fullest together. I am so blessed to have them as relationship role models and examples of how to really love and care for someone.

I took this picture of them last year on my mom's birthday. I love it... it's just so THEM. It's one of the very few pictures I have of my dad with his genuine smile. In most pictures he either forces it or doesn't smile at all right before I snap the shutter. Sneaky, I tell you! In this case, I think he smiled because it was my mom's birthday and he was in his element - enjoying life with her.


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