Anna & Jacob: Engaged | Santa Monica & Venice Beach Engagement Session

/ Monday, May 2, 2011

Where do I begin with these two? I've known them both for over a decade now --- it sounds so crazy just saying that! Let's start with how they met... Jacob worked as a Community Service Officer for Cal State Northridge. During his shift one day, his buddy convinced him to visit a friend at the dorms. His friend had a roommate, Anna. Jacob met Anna. Anna met Jacob. A simple encounter and they went their own merry ways that night. But, unbeknownst to them, their friends plotted to bring them together. And, through college, grad/doctorate school, and beyond, they've plotted to have each other in their futures and to be together. Forever.

Anna & Jacob, I had such a great time with you roaming the streets of Santa Monica & Venice Beach! I can't wait to attend your wedding next month! I wish you both the best. Here's a few of my favorites, starting with some simple portraits:

And, some fun ones too...

So sweet...

Seriously, Anna, you're GORGEOUS!
Taking some time to have some fun...

Playing with light and my two FAVORITE shots of the day!

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