Foto Fun Friday: Crossing a "To-Do"

/ Friday, May 6, 2011

This week has been so hectic and I am trying to accomplish so many things right now. I'm tired. Restless. Uneasy. Pushed. But, above it all, I feel accomplished. I feel with one "to-do" crossed off I'm closer to my goals. I hope I can keep this flow I'm on. And, for those people reading this in my little corner on the internet, THANK YOU! You give me hope and inspire me to work harder.

I did take some time for a fun "to-do" on my list. I live in Los Angeles and can you believe I never went to a Dodger game??? Shame on me, I know! For my friend's 30th birthday, we celebrated by going to a Dodger game last Sunday. Dodger dogs. Garlic fries. Family. Friends. The BF. Total bliss!

Too bad our team lost.... boooo!


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