Project 52: Week 16

/ Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Practice. Until it's like a dance," my dad said as I rallied against him. I was impatient. I wanted to win the point already. I wanted to hit the ball with my racquet and end the game. I was more about speed than accuracy. I was arrogant. I was stubborn - practice, really? I learned a huge humbling lesson that day about 10 years into my childhood.  Practice was key and my dad made me remember it.

I carry that moment with me all the time. The moment I started to slow down and rally with him. Trust me, the rallies didn't last long, but it was practice. Practice for bigger, better things. It was my Sophomore year in high school when we won the LA City Championship title for the Girl's Varsity Tennis Team. It was then that the bigger thing arrived - the hours of practice and patience was worth it.

On this particular Sunday last week, my dad saw me practice again. He didn't know what I was up to as I set up this little table in our backyard. I could feel him watching me snap away as I practiced shooting this set up. And yes, I danced. Danced in different angles and perspectives. Danced and smiled. Smiled because I knew he was watching. Smiled because I could only imagine what I looked like. Smiled because I knew there were bigger, better things with practice.


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