Capturing: Kelly // Las Vegas Portraits Session

/ Monday, June 27, 2011

So much can be said of friendships that span for years with little or no contact. Then, when reunited, time feels as though it stood still - untouched. This is how it is for us. Back to those days of giggles while walking through vintage shops and late night clubbing adventures. Band shenanigans. Oh yes, I brought it up. The "issues" so trivial in the past aren't so bad now in comparison. I remember our friendship so vividly. So, when you picked me at the Vdara for your portrait session, I pictured those nights you picked me up from home and we headed downtown to party. Ha! Those were the days!

Kelly, it was awesome to see how many great things are happening in your life. I am so proud of what you have accomplished in Las Vegas! I'm glad we were able to capture this moment in your life... here are a few of my favorite pictures:


Two of my favorite shots...


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