Capturing: The Rodriguez Family // Las Vegas Family Portraits

/ Monday, July 4, 2011

Last week, I blogged about Kelly's lovely portrait session. I also had the opportunity to snap a few frames of her husband and adorable son, Dex. It's so amazing to see your friend, now a mom and wife, in action. What I admired the most was the love they show for Dex. Here are a few pictures from their session:

Proof I'm funny... I mean, seriously? Look at those faces! Although, I think I scared Dex... hmph! =)

I asked if they had any significant tattoos... I mean, all tattoos are significant, but one that stands out in particular? They showed me the number "13" --- Dex was born on Friday the 13th. Love it!

Dex is such a cool kid. I felt bad having to wake him up at 5am for the session. It wasn't until we had breakfast that he was totally into having his picture taken...

Oh, Dex, you crack me up!


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