Foto Fun Friday: Off & Running

/ Friday, July 15, 2011

After the 2011 LA Marathon, I took about 2 1/2 months off to recover. My running season typically starts in June/July and ends in March the following year. So, at that point, I had been running 9 months straight. These last 2 1/2 months were long and difficult as far as recovery goes. I am having issues with my left foot and IT band. It's a little discouraging - I want to run more but I don't want to injure my feet (yes, I have issues with my right foot as well) permanently. I am able to run short distances fine but am scared to go further than 10 miles right now. I'm staying positive as training season is now upon us!

As I've mentioned before, I am part of USA Marathon Training and lead a group every Saturday. Our goal is to complete the Los Angeles Rock and Roll Marathon on October 30, 2011 and Los Angeles Marathon March 2012. The men and women I trained last Saturday were phenomenal --- they've taken the first step so far. They showed up. Smiling, enthusiastic, and determined. It's so awesome.

Wish me luck!


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