Foto Fun Friday: Pie goes the winner!

/ Friday, July 8, 2011

My BFF, Marc, from Hawaii is in town for a month . YAYYYYYYY! I see him maybe about two times a year... usually when he's not teaching. So, the minute he arrived (well, actually the next day), Paul & I took him out for dinner at a local Mexican hole in the wall. Yummy! Afterward, we went for pie. It's what we do. I told them strawberries are in season and would be delighted if we had something strawberry-ish. Yes, I said delighted. There were two choices - strawberry mousse-like pie & a fruit filled one. We had a hard time choosing. So, like the men they are, they fought for it -

Paul picked strawberry mousse. Marc picked strawberry fruit. It was pretty intense... even the pie man got into it. After Paul won, he told Marc, "always go for paper! ALWAYS! NEVER SCISSORS!" He was passionate. I get him.


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