Project 52: Week 27

/ Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My love for thrifting started in high school. My sisters and I would spend hours scouring thrift stores all over the Valley and Hollywood for fun flowered shirts, dresses, & bell bottoms. My sister even bought her prom dress there --- so cute! It was always so neat to find a cute outfit no one had - one of the many reasons I love vintage. 

Since high school, I've gone thrifting here and there mostly for furniture, books, belts, and clothes. I would go randomly by myself if I happen to pass by a neat thrift store or was feeling lucky. One of my brides thrifted a lovely dress for me (blog post on that soon!) recently and this sparked a few thrifting adventures since then. One thing's certain, the madness of thrifting hasn't changed one bit. It's all about the hunt for the perfect item, all the hidden treasures, and surprises around every corner. During a particular thrifting adventure, I saw this unassuming cabinet. I didn't think much of it until...

I opened it. It was amazing! Vintage notions, spools of thread, pin cushions... it was out of control. I love crafts and seeing this was so inspiring. I wondered who had it before it got here... maybe a little ol' lady who took up sewing when she was younger. I wondered how old the thread must be and what she made with it. How long it must have taken for her to collect all her supplies. How her quilts must've looked. How many half projects she has (because I have a pile of them too!). I was *THIS CLOSE* to purchasing it. The cabinet was rather large and I didn't know where to put it... also, vintage thread is good to collect (I have a few in a jar at home) but using it to sew is a gamble. If the thread is no good, it may not hold up a dress or bag for too long. I walked away and started to search for her sewing machine... sadly, I didn't find it anywhere. I left empty handed but truly inspired. 


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