Project 52: Week 28

/ Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It has taken me awhile to even write this post. To sum it up, last week was pretty rough.  I don't really know where to begin. For those who have known me throughout the years, you can attest to my "busy-ness"... I'm on the go doing things, many things at once. While the world sleeps, I'm up at dawn starting my day. Funny thing is, I can't imagine my life any other way.

Last Tuesday, I felt pressure - not from anything in particular, just this overwhelming realization of all the things I have on my plate. So yes, the "pressure" was the thing I was putting on myself. I started looking through some past images. The one above played clearly in my mind. I saw this couple as Paul & I were driving through Pismo Beach this year. We passed them initially and I told Paul to slow down. I shot this over my right shoulder from the passenger seat of the truck. The reason I was so intent in capturing it was for it's simplicity. There they were walking on the beach... a little family of three. I wanted to know their story. I was curious to know what they were talking about or if they were talking about anything at all. I remember thinking, they'd want this image some day. So, if they look familiar to anyone reading this - HOLLER at me! =)

Their simplicity told me to breathe, just breathe. And, to slow things down a little, if I could. I plan to.


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