Thrifty on Thursday - Vintage Pop Shop

/ Thursday, August 18, 2011

As I mentioned on this post, my love for vintage was sparked again by one of my beautiful brides. Last weekend, I trekked to Fullerton for a wonderful vintage pop sale. What's a vintage pop sale? A few vendors get together and sell a variety of items. It was neat to see so many vendors there with their one-of-a-kind finds. I didn't expect to purchase anything, but within minutes of entering Studio EMP, I was smitten by all things magical in there. First off, were these set of five chairs.for.25.dollars. Yes, you heard me - $25 for FIVE CHAIRS! After a long debate with the boyfriend, we decided to pass. They were weathered down a bit and meant to go outside. They were a steal though and looking back, I'm glad we didn't get them.Why? Because I knew they weren't exactly what I wanted and they would take up a lot of storage space.

I did leave with a few things - this really cool ammunition box for Paul and a wooden garden box for me...

... and I am so super excited about the treasures I found at Ruche! They are one of my favorite online stores and couldn't believe they were at the sale... and a sale it was! I negotiated a super deal on these and can't wait to wear them.

Here are a few images I captured with my lovely handy when you have an arm full of goodies!

I was considering getting this "P" for Paul but they didn't have an "L" to match... too bad! =(

Love these set of locks... would be a neat decoration to a cute sign-in table or wedding altar...

Too bad these blocks were sold already... they would be a great addition to a nursery or newborn session.

I had such a great time perusing all the different shops! Can't wait for the next one!


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