Bouvier & Erik Engaged // Downtown Los Angeles Engagement

/ Monday, October 10, 2011

They met at a college mixer. She was the president of her sorority and he didn't believe her. They talked throughout the night and he kept encouraging her to party with him. She declined; she took her duties seriously. They became friends and talked for days afterward. She was with someone at the time and being friends was all they could be. Time passed and they continued to talk. She became single. He took the chance. And, many dates later, he asked. This time, she didn't decline to be with him forever.

Bouvier & Erik, thanks so much for letting me capture your love. I had a great time exploring downtown LA with you! Here are a few of my favorites images, starting with Union Station:

A quick change and we head to Disney Concert Hall... a great location for pictures! There were so many photographers there with their lovely couples!

Bring on the fierce!!!

Me: So... how do you guys feel about lying down here?
Them: Sure, what do you want us to do?
Me: just lie in the middle and look at each other...

Favorite shot of the day -

Bouvier told me they spent many of their dates together at the park talking the day away. Simple romance - I love how they can have fun just being together... le sigh.

And, a lil' sexy...


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