Five Things I Love Right Now

/ Thursday, October 13, 2011

October is my birthday month. I love everything about it - the weather, the smells, the sounds. October motivates me... it inspires me to write down some goals for the next year and make a plan of attack. And, while in front of my computer, I can't help but scour my favorite daily reads & also do some online window shopping. Here are five things I'm absolutely LOVING right now...

1. Skirts & dresses... I love dresses in the fall. I guess because I can layer, layer, layer and things just turn out so pulled together & cute!

 Source: Anthropologie

2. Salted caramel sauce deliciousness - yummmmmmm. I might just whip up a batch and give as holiday gifts. Or, I might just keep it to myself! muahahahahaha!

  Source/Recipe: Baked Bree

3. Similar to pinterest and loads of eye candy to boot! They haven't gone "live" yet, but I was lucky to get access to it FIRST. Eeeeeks!


4. Jo-Totes Betsy Bag. Oooo how I love this camera bag. It's not a camera bag or a purse, it's both. I've been eye-ing it for awhile and I just can't help loving it! It's perfect... especially since its a camera bag in disguise and it's so affordable! eeeeks! The downfall? I have a few camera bags already. I'll admire it for now...

Source: Jo Totes

5. Wedding messages... this is so sweet and clever! During the rehearsal dinner, a friend passes out blank cards for everyone to write marital advice for the bride & groom. Then, s/he will divide the cards into piles and put them into envelopes. The envelopes will indicate when the bride & groom can open them, i.e. 1 year anniversary, 12 year anniversary, and so on. What a nice gift!

Source: Creative Mama

Hope you enjoyed this quick "Five Things I Love Right Now". What are you lovin'?


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