Five Photography Tips On How To Capture Babies

/ Saturday, October 8, 2011

Disclaimer: I am providing these tips based on my own personal experience. This tutorial is to help anyone who wants a few tips on how to capture their little ones. This is not a comprehensive list. No fancy schmancy camera is needed. Bring out your point & shoot and just have fun!

More and more of my friends are having little bundles of joy. During some of my portrait sessions, I am asked what type of camera would be a great one for their families to have to capture their little ones. My follow up question to that is typically, what are you going to do with it? Pictures only? Video? Both? Do you plan on shooting manually eventually? What does your budget look like? Oh the list goes on... And then I ask what they have now... because, at the end of the day, it's what is captured vs. how elaborate the camera is. It's amazing with just a few tips what can be captured with any camera!

Place your adorable baby near a large window or open up some curtains in the house. The gorgeous light will illuminate the room. Do not use flash. This will keep baby as happy and comfortable as can be. In the above picture, the light was coming from camera right about 4-5 feet away. The windows brought in so much light as it was in the middle of the day. Baby Zachary was comfie and ready for his close up!

Crop it & don't forget the details - baby's arms, legs, feet. I love to take pictures of a baby's little feet & hands because they're so squishy and small. Details, details, details. In the above picture, I cut out a felt heart to put alongside baby Nala to add some interest to the picture while capturing her tiny hand.

Get down to their level. Doing so will make them come more alive in their picture, i.e. they won't look so small. In this shot, Nala is placed directly in front of me while I shoot on my belly.

Check your camera's settings to see if there is a "continuous shooting" feature. Capturing baby's funny faces and sweet smiles can be difficult. With continuous shooting, you'll have better opportunities to capture them!

Capturing babies can be difficult so take your time and have fun with it! Most newborn portrait sessions I do run almost 2 hours with the changing, feeding, sleeping... the list goes on. I always make a point to have FUN during the process because baby is the boss! =)

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, leave a comment below.


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