Project 52: Week 31

/ Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I found a couple of CDs last week... I wasn't sure what was on them - no label, shame on me! After I popped them in my DVD drive, I was pleasantly surprised. They were pictures. Old pictures from my first point-and-shoot Nikon digital camera. I looked at them with mixed emotions. Some of them were from birthdays past, trips taken together, random outings. I looked at my transformation the last short 4 years... how different I am now. How clearer I see things than before... the trivial of things aren't so trivial now. Things so important then are not so much now. As my birthday approaches, I can't help but reminisce on my twenties. Oh my twenties, you were good to me... I partied like a rock star while keeping my head on straight, took a lot of risks and failures, and saw parts of the world beyond what were in the books. Thirties? I could only wish for so much more... and, I can't wait.


The picture was taken above from a trip my family took to Cabo earlier this year. Ohhhhh sandy beaches, I miss you.

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