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/ Sunday, October 9, 2011

I was never a great runner. Growing up, I was the last runner of the pack and squeaked by with a "B" in P.E. Yes, a "B". When I tell people this, they don't believe me... "A 'B' in P.E.? Who does that?" I did. I was the kid who showed up on time to class in her P.E. uniform and participated in the games but received the "B". Why? Because I didn't run fast enough. I attribute it to the hours spent in front of the TV watching MTV music videos everyday and eating all that delicious Filipino food. But really, I couldn't make the mark when it came to running based on the California state standards. I tried one semester, but all it did was make me realize how big of a NON-runner I am - wait, is that even a word? So, when I started high school, I played varsity tennis instead - a small court makes for a happy, slow runner. =)

In addition to all that, I was a chubby kid. (I'll save those photos of my childhood for later.). So, no running meant more weight and more weight meant no running. Throughout my college years, the weight didn't get any better until one day I decided to stop the madness. The gym became my friend but I still didn't run. I tried to fight genetics as much as I could but I plateaued. There was only so much Turbo Kick Boxing and Yoga I could take. Then, a friend told me she did Triathlons and I was inspired. I looked up the next half marathon in Los Angeles and joined an amazing running group. What I learned and appreciated from my running group was that there was no standard. I was told, "run at your pace and have a great time doing it." So, I did and it snowballed. I've done a couple of full marathons, half marathons, and a triathlon. And, I did it in my own terms. Of course, I trained and trained hard but there was no one there to tell me I wasn't good enough. It was quite the opposite.

I train a group now within the same running group. I look back at where I started and I'm so grateful for them. Running great distances is such a large feat, I don't know how I would've gotten through without them. In three weeks, some members of my group will run their first half marathon - the Los Angeles Rock and Roll Marathon on October 30th. As much as they tell me I inspire them, they inspire me. I can't wait to cross the finish line with them. And, we'll continue to run until next year for the 2012 Los Angeles Full Marathon and Pasadena Half Marathon. Check it out ---> USA Marathon Training. I did.

Happy Sunday!

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