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/ Sunday, January 8, 2012

My photographer/friends are awesome. I don't know what I would do without their support and encouragement. So, when Joel announced that he would be up for this photo a day challenge, I felt inspired. How does it work? Take a photo each day in 2012 and record it somehow. I chose to record my photos with Instagram and it's so easy! I love the filters and ease of using this app. Just click, choose a filter or not, add a caption (don't forget to add #instagramaday at the end), and upload. It automatically shares it on Facebook for me. Or, you can keep your photos private --- whatever makes you happy. And, the best part??? It's free! =) LOVE LOVE!

Above is a quick capture of my first week of the year. I plan to keep this going as long as I can... wish me luck! Here's my Instagram page/handle ---> lizziloves. If you're on Instagram or doing a similar challenge, I'd love to take a peek! Leave a comment with your link below. Happy Sunday!


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