Capturing: Andrea & Joseluis Engaged // Pasadena Engagement

/ Monday, January 16, 2012

I am amazed with the connection my couples have with each other. They connect on a level only they understand & I am a mere observer. They share inside jokes & giggles as a snap away. They do goofy things & I love that they let me capture it because really, this is part of who they are. Andrea & Joseluis are no exception.

They met on common grounds - with a love for working out & staying healthy. Andrea approached him at the gym. He was smitten - I mean, why wouldn't he??? - and the rest is history. 

Andrea & Joseluis, thank you thank you thank you! I had a great time walking through Pasadena and sharing a few laughs with you. I can't wait for your wedding day --- it's going to be so beautiful! Here are a few favorites from our session:

When they told me they wanted to re-enact a part of "Dirty Dancing", I happily obliged. They nailed it!


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