Feelin' Print-y

/ Friday, January 13, 2012

Dresses found on Anthropologie (dress 1 &3) & ModCloth (dress 2,4,5) from left to right

Lately, I've been inspired by prints of all different kinds. In high school, I was the girl that wore funky vintage prints. I scoured thrift stores for printed polyester (eeeks!) shirts and bell bottoms. Yes, I was THAT girl. And yes, I matched them with my doc martens - hey, they're making a come back! I liked vintage prints because they were different and unique. I knew no one would have them which made it even more special.

Like most girls, I looooove dresses. To my delight, printed dresses are EVERYWHERE. The combination is bad for my wallet. But, a girl can dream, can't she? I did, however, purchase quite a few dresses from Anthropologie and ModCloth during the holiday season. I always justify it as... "It's a holiday dress" or "this would be great for date night". And it is, I promise.

Above are a few I'm swooning over... especially Anthropologie's Bike Lane Dress (upper left). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for when it goes on sale... well, IF it goes on sale. Le sigh. For now, I'll dream of prints. =)

What are you inspired by lately? 


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