Project 52: Week 2

/ Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of my goals this year is to organize the madness. I'm pretty organized but when it comes to my closet, I'm inconsistent. When I worked in a retail store, I would color coordinate, "board fold", and stack shirts, sweaters, etc. in my closet. I would also separate my hanging items by color, type, etc. It was pretty crazy. Since then, I've fallen out of sync and my closet is a little out of hand. Maybe it's due to my internal battle of impulsively purchasing dresses and cardigans (yes, I love them too!). The picture above reflects the first half of my closet. The other half looks about the same - cramped and alllllll over the place.

I promised myself 2012 will be different for me - starting with organizing what I have and getting rid of the clutter in there. I started by doing a little research and created a battle plan for this week. I scoured pinterest for ideas and asked friends. I am very fortunate to have such organization-savvy friends! Here are some links I found, too:

- I Heart Organizing
- What I Wore
- Delightful Order

How do you stay organized? Any tips?



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  1. Maybe you can separate your colors into two sections, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter and keep the clothes you won't us as much in those space saver bags. I find that when I have more open space in my closet, I'm not shoving things in there and organization is more manageable. My Project 52 post this week is about how motherhood is "mouthy" at Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks for the tips! OY! I have a wayyyyyyys to go! =)


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