Instagram Photo A Day - Week 5

/ Sunday, February 5, 2012

What a week! I spent Monday in recovery mode... kinda. I cleaned out my closet & organized it as much as I could. One of my friends, Dawn, told me I was a lucky girl for all those clothes. I am very blessed but I need to get it down to a reasonable level. Sigh. In time. Slowly and surely. =) The BF had dinner on Tuesday and he brought over treats... a cupcake the size of a muffin from Ralphs! It was pretty tasty. Wednesday was spent at another photog friend's studio opening... It was a lot of fun! It was really inspiring. I hope to have my own studio one day. Thursday was spent being creative and fun with Jen Bergmark. I can't wait to reveal what we cooked up! I received my Anthropologie catalog on Friday... ohhhhh Anthro you never disappoint. I love looking through the catalog for inspiration --- how to position objects, posing, color combos, etc. It's so hard not to shop sometimes. Saturday, the BF, his childhood friend, Matt, and I had dinner at Umami Burger. Yowzers! Deliciousness. Today was spent at home working on edits & blogging. This week is planned for more edits & a little rest & relaxation.

How was your week? Anything exciting planned?

Happy Superbowl Day!

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