Capturing: Rosalilia & Javier Expecting

/ Monday, March 19, 2012

There's this amazing connection couple's have... engaged, married, or dating - doesn't matter what stage. When they are so engrossed with each other, they are oblivious to everything else. For example, it could be the end of the world - aliens and all - and there they stood, continuing to look at each other, smiling happily, and perfectly, lovingly content. That couple is Rosalilia & Javier. When I met Rosalilia & Javier, I could feel their excitement & love for Baby Elijah. They also had a sincere care and love for each other... 10 years of marriage felt like yesterday - that's how giddy and in love these two were! I asked them how they keep things so fun & fresh... they simply said, "we just enjoy being together... oh, and we laugh together." Their response resulted in a few giggles. So sweet.

Rosalilia & Javier, you will be great parents! Baby Elijah is one lucky little baby! Here are a few favorites from our session:


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