Instagram Photo-A-Day: Week 8

/ Sunday, March 4, 2012

After a pretty hectic week of traveling to Las Vegas & Orlando, it was nice to slow things down a bit and refocus. Surprisingly, I didn't gain any weight during my trips... yay! Especially with all the buffets, fancy dinners, and a memorable character breakfast I had. Oy. I think the half marathon made up for it! =) On our last day, Karen & Dawnabelle surprised me with a customized Ariel tee-shirt as a thank-you for organizing our trip together - I felt so special! Tuesday was quality time with the BF over dinner & movies. While our trip was still on my mind and I kept wishing for more character breakfasts, I finished the week pushing through some projects & sessions and reminding myself - everything is going to be alright. I also got in a couple of workouts here and there. Today was spent sleeping in, eating some warm pan-de-sal for breakfast, and watching reality TV wedding shows with my mom. We're headed to church, a lovely brunch, and relaxing. I love Sundays.

How was your week?


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