Capturing: Lyra & Eduard Engaged // Laguna Beach, CA

/ Monday, April 23, 2012

I am so mesmerized by the way my couples love each other... the kind of love that's so full, so happy, so pure. The kind of love when no one is in the room - just the two of them with no care in the world, a couple of glasses of wine, and an unbreakable connection. Maybe its because they started off as best friends. The type of platonic friendship in which every secret is told in explicit detail and talking for hours is a must. The kind of love when friendship is the foundation and grew to something more. Much, much more. When being with someone else just didn't feel right and in an instant, the most perfect person was standing right before you - your best friend, your compadre, your soul mate. That's Lyra & Eduard in a nutshell. They have this amazing relationship and I am so very fortunate to capture it.

Lyra & Eduard, when we parted ways after our engagement session, my heart was full. We reenacted the night Eduard proposed & the night Eduard expressed his feelings for you. Right down to the wines you both drank. It was awesome.

Here are a few of my favorites, starting at the Montage Lounge with a glass of Whitehaven & Atalon:

We headed outside to the fire pit where Eduard dropped on one knee and popped the question...

We ended our session on a makeshift bridge where their relationship began...

Can't wait to share their wedding day!


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