Baby Ginger - Right Now

/ Saturday, May 26, 2012

We've had her for over six months now... wow, time flies. Each day she surprises me with her sweetness and cuteness. Right now, she loves her chewies. Oh, and non-chewies... like, my flip flops, Paul's sunglasses, and a slew of other things. She runs away when I greet her and then warms up to me quickly. I think it's a game she's created. She's your typical pup - wants to play all day, mesmerized by treats, and is curious about EVERYTHING. She's growing up to be a great protector --- barks at strangers (including the post man), doesn't mind going outside in the dark, and loves to chase the neighborhood cats when she can.

She also knows how to pose which isn't indicative of the above pictures at all. When I point my iPhone at her, she sits, looks directly into the lens, & waits. When it's my fancy camera, she's thrown off a bit and looks any which way BUT the camera. Maybe she's more of an instagram girl. I get her.


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