Project 52: Week 16

/ Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Growing up, I remember always having my nose in books. It all started with The Berenstain Bears. There was something about them... maybe because they were teddy bears and I was into that, too. I read through the tales feverishly and would frequent the local library to borrow as many books as I could. As time passed, my love of books continued... countless R.L. Stine books, The Babysitters Club, Anne of Green Gables, the list goes on... I'd read through them within hours. The books would take me to a lovely imaginary place and I was happy.

Lately, my book collection grows but with no time to read them. I took the picture above at Barnes and Noble... the books were calling me. Books of far away places I want to be, even for just an afternoon. That's how I was feeling last week... the urge to just pack my camera, a book, and head out. Being a lil' rogue. Go on a quest to find something new, different, and amazing. Have you ever just wanted to get away? Where to?


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