Project 52: Week 24

/ Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of SUMMER! I love this time of year --- lots of barbeques, warm nights, and trips to Yogurtland. Oh, and a golden tan. I tan very easily... sometimes a little too easily and it lasts until the holidays. Summer also means a special visit from this guy. He's flying in this Saturday and I'm ecstatic. Although his trip is shorter than last, I hope to make the most out of it while he's here.

Summer also means a special trip or two for Paul & I. Maybe a little off-roading? A drive up the coast is always picturesque and we love stopping at coastal cities along the way. Lots to plan and do... one thing is certain - need to stop, smell, & snap some pictures of gorgeous flowers. Ahhhh summer.

Any plans this summer? Any traditions?



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