Project 52: Week 26 --- Half way there!

/ Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My best friend, Marc, came into town last week. I think he said it best when we were grocery shopping at Smart & Final --- it just feels like he never left & these were typical nights for us. But, tonight wasn't just ANY night... we planned for him to meet Ginger, too. He's so great with dogs! Ginger liked him immediately. After they met, we made dinner, had coffee & dessert, and watched "Mirror, Mirror". I know, I'm horrible... I made him & Paul watch it with me.

He is leaving this week --- I know, didn't he just arrive? He usually stays longer but due to the inflated flight prices from Hawaii to California, he had to cut his trip a little short. Hmmmm... maybe a trip to Hawaii in the near future???



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