Topanga Canyon Engagement Photographer: Susan & Eric

/ Monday, July 30, 2012

We should make a list. 
Of what? 
Of what we are looking for...
But, what if we lose the napkin?

About seven  years ago, Susan and I met up for our quarterly "catch up" dinner date at the local sushi hole in the wall. We talked about everything - life, careers, purses, etc. The topic of relationships came up, and of course, the will we ever find a "good" guy? question. Because, really, they all seem to be taken. With restaurant napkins and pens in hand, Susan and I wrote down the ten ideal qualities of our future husbands. Qualities like "family-oriented" and "educated" topped the list. Oh, and I drew a picture of him, too. Little did we know the power of this list... she would mention how Paul (my BF) asked about me. She demanded I call him that night for a date. Yes, in the loud and crowded sushi restaurant. She even took a picture of me calling him. A few dinners later, we would meet again at a different restaurant & she would gush about this new man in her life - Eric. But, this was no ordinary guy because she was smitten and she just knew, he fulfilled the list. This time, I took the picture of her talking to him - I mean, this is the picture she'll show her grandkids of how two single friends each found love.

Susan, I can't even begin to tell you how excited and happy I am for you and Eric. When you asked me to take your engagement photos, I was so honored. I am so lucky to have you as my dear friend and confidant. I can't wait for your wedding in September... Paul & I will be in the sidelines cheering you both on! =)

Here are a few favorites from your GORGEOUS session...




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  1. Lizzi!! I love this! You made me cry! Did i ever tell you what happened to that napkin? Some guy...way before eric threw it out because he quickly realized he didnt have any of those qualities...haha.
    Thank you so much for this beautiful post and for these beautiful pictures. We love you and cant wait for your day (*ahem...Paul...)


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