How To: Make Your Own Fascinator

/ Thursday, October 25, 2012

Susan and Eric were married last month... yay! But before the "I do's", I attended Susan's beautiful bridal shower tea - complete with lots of lace, garden hats, and fascinators. About two days before the tea, I decided to create my own fascinator after a long morning of searching on etsy for one. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and online tutorials, bought the pieces on Amazon, and put it together in  15 minutes. Here's how I did it...


- Fascinator in your desired color - I chose black to compliment my hair and I wanted to make it look like the butterflies were flying above my head.

- Butterflies - I picked big butterflies so it can fill the space and hide the fascinator well.

- Bobby pins in the same color as the fascinator - to pin the fascinator to my head.

- Scissors

Here's how I put this lovely hair piece together...

1. Gather supplies & pick a butterfly to start off with. String metal through the mesh of the fascinator, pull it through another hole, and twist it together into place. The metal string is flexible and easy to control.

2. Make sure to string the metal through two holes, allowing enough space in between.

3. I used the pink butterfly as my guide. I knew I wanted it to be the center and build on it. I added the purplish blue butterfly higher than the pink to create a little bit of height.

4. I added the orange butterfly as my lowest point of reference.

5. Add more butterflies.

6. I adjusted it a little bit to give the illusion of them flying/hoovering above my head.

7. Secure the metal strings and cut them down if needed. Then fold them in. Make sure you try it on several times before cutting the strings down.

8. Carefully pin the fascinator to your head using bobby pins.

I lovelovelove that there was NO GLUE involved. PHEW! I was worried about that. Most tutorials I watched required it. I made the fascinator about 30 minutes before the tea... just in time!

If you have any questions about how to make it, leave a comment below.


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