"Can we meet for lunch?"

/ Monday, February 4, 2013

Photo taken by Cameron Leung Photography

Paul text'd me Thursday morning. It was one of those rare texts I receive... he was in the neighborhood and wanted to grab something to eat. He picked up some sandwiches from Quizno's and wanted to drive somewhere. I hopped in his truck and immediately asked him about baby Ginger. He had taken Ginger to the vet this morning because of an infection she had in her shoulder.

 (Ginger's car ride home from the breeder)

The vet told him it was more complicated than they had imagined... she had pneumonia & a fungal infection. Ginger's immune system wasn't too great... it never has been since she was a pup. The infection went throughout her whole body and into her brain. Ginger would never be the same and we had to let her go.

 (Our first outing/dinner together)

He didn't have the heart to tell me over the phone and wanted to tell me in person.We spent the rest of the day together reminiscing about her. Her time with us was short-lived and she made such an impact in our lives. She helped me cope and I'm so grateful for her. She was the best companion & friend to me and Paul - she LOVED him so unconditionally.

Photo taken by Cameron Leung Photography

Wherever she is, I hope she's happy & free.


  1. Ginger is up and running my dear. Free of pain and having tons of doggy treats. :)


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