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/ Monday, March 18, 2013

I am so fortunate to work with such amazing vendors on phenomenal shoots. Jen Bergmark from First Pick Planning styled this epic Hugo themed shoot and I'm blown away by the details. If you need a planner for your special day, please contact Jen - you won't regret it. Here's her take on our shoot:

"This shoot was inspired by the Academy Award winning Martin Scorsese film, Hugo. After visiting POP Champagne & Dessert Bar in Pasadena I was inspired by the inside décor of the restaurant which reminded me of the 1930’s train station set on which the movie Hugo was primarily shot on. POP is a restaurant & event venue with an excellent food & drink menu (as its name indicates, it offers a great variety of Champagne and Desserts!) so I thought it would be a great place to host a bridal shower shoot. The overall theme of the bridal shower was to incorporate the landscape & time period of the movie which is set in Paris, France and also highlight the various love stories within the movie such as the main character Hugo's love for movies and clocks since his late father was a clockmaker and lover of films by Georges Méliès (hence the clocks incorporated into the centerpieces and vintage camera & movie posters as simple touches throughout the room). There is also a woman with a dachshund who sits at the café in the train station daily and her suitor who tries get close to her but the woman’s dog literally doesn’t allow him to get close. He ends up getting his own dachshund to provide her dog with a companion which then allows him to get near his love. My favorite love story of the movie is the station inspector who falls in love with the beautiful flower vendor. I decided to incorporate a flower cart and have the Bride & her Bridesmaids “pick a bunch” to take home as favors. This activity is fun but also practical as guests got to leave with the beautiful flowers that were designed by Primary Petals. Some other details included from the movie were the replica of the automaton heart key necklace worn by the Bride which was also incorporated into the invitation design by Jen Caughey Graphic Design. Special thank you to Melissa Abad Makeup for makeup on all the models and Anna Elyse Bridal for the dresses which the models wore."

I want to thank all the lovely vendors I had the honor of working with for their beautiful work on this shoot:

First Pick Planning:
Primary Petals:
Pop Champagne Bar:
Jen Caughley Graphic Design:
Melissa Abad Makeup:
Anna Elyse Bridal:

Without further adieu, photos from the shoot... enjoy!

Have a great week, friends!

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