Project 52: Week 10

/ Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My family & I traveled to Cabo San Lucas for my sister's birthday & returned last week. I was in the midst of many things on my to-do list but needed the break so so badly and I'm glad we went. The last time we were in Cabo San Lucas was a couple of years ago with my dad. It's weird not having him there but I knew he was there in spirit. Cabo San Jose, where we stayed, has changed quite a bit... more restaurants, more night life, and more new resorts. It's pretty neat to see all the developments that have been made but it makes me sad, too. I'm all about preserving landmarks & historical places so my future children can enjoy it as much as I do. Focus on future children... just sayin'.

So, off we went! This time, I brought my mini Instax camera and loads of expired film. Expired? Why yes, the film that had a purpose years ago and I never got around to using. I have plans for the pictures & I'm excited. I'll share once I put it all together.

Have you traveled recently? I'm always so inspired by those that travel... I love the adventurers in all of us.


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