Workin' On Wednesday: Baby Olivia & April's Highs and Lows

/ Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's May, really? April flew by so quickly. Wedding season has officially begun! And I am so very fortunate to have captured so many memories - a bridal shower, a surprise elopement, assisting a wedding with Sarina, Lexie & Chris' wedding, and this adorable baby...

But with the highs, come the lows... my car broke down which was not fun. I've had to take my car into the mechanic about every other month this year. Paul came to the rescue, fixed it from inside and out (new radiator, thermostat, lights, seats, and other car things), washed it, and filled up the tank with gas, all without asking for anything in return. He truly amazes me sometimes.I'm a lucky girl.

Highs: Wedding season has begun - yay! Boyfriends who do amazing things. Celebrating my friend's birthday by running The Safari Half Marathon this weekend.

Lows: Broken cars. Allergies which turn into colds which turn into allergies. Wishing I had more time to do everything.

May is shaping to be a super busy month but I'm so excited! What are you looking forward to?


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