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/ Friday, July 26, 2013

Purchasing a home on my own was a tough endeavor and now that it's all said & done, the "real" work starts. Time to renovate! After a month of nothing but picking up mail & moving a few things to the house, Paul & his crew have started demoing the floors last Saturday. There is a laundry list of things that need to be done and it makes me cringe. I'm incredibly lucky to have Paul bring his expertise, blood, sweat, and tears to this project of making this house my home. I honestly would not have picked this home had he not been there to offer his insight from the beginning.

So, while Paul continues to renovate the house during his available weekends, I search, research, and search again. Pinterest helps... a little too much. So, lovely blog readers, I will rely on your input as I make decisions here and there about flooring, color palettes, and the list goes on. But first, let's start with some raw data about the house -

Currently 5 bedrooms & 2 baths with a master ensuite
Includes a family room, game room, office, & kitchen
1,920 square feet home
7,000+ square feet lot size

It's a traditional home and needs some charm. We plan to condense two of the rooms into another master ensuite which would mean I can make the master bathroom anyway I like. The pressure. Amazing as it sounds, all the large furniture has been purchased except for the mattress. I'll share my adventures with that later. For now, below are some inspiring spaces I've come across...

(photo by Laurey Glenn)

(from West Elm)

(from Pinterest)

I noticed I am drawn to earth tones - browns, greens, and blues. Especially the last photo. Aside from Pinterest, I get lost in Houzz. If you haven't checked it out, be prepared for some major eye candy. 

So excited to share this journey with you! Any tips you have please share in the comments box. 

Have a great weekend!


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