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/ Friday, August 9, 2013

The tile floor is gone! The ENTIRE house had tile flooring... yuck. I love wood floors. It adds warmth to a home & keeps my allergies at bay. After our first shopping trip, I felt a little defeated. My love for wood floors would cost more than I thought. Since bamboo flooring was more affordable, I decided it would have to do. After discussing my dismay with a friend, she referred me to Tropical Flooring in El Monte. She assured me I would find something there. Paul & I trekked over and seriously, it was like being in a candy store --- there were so many options at reasonable prices! We took these samples with us -

1. Red Oak // 2. Antique Finished Oak // 3. Red Oak // 4. Engineered Antique Finished Oak
5. Handscraped Oak // 6. Carbonized Stranded Bamboo

After a few debates, some input from my mom & sisters, I chose the one that made my heart sing...

Is it bad to say I wanted to give it a hug? Like a big hug and welcome it home? Yah, I geeked out a little on this. It was hard not to! The wood is a solid oak with an antique finish... it looks more rustic and brown than the rest of the samples. It is handscraped and has some intentional scratches for character. Its not as dark or as light - everything I wanted in beautiful flooring for my home. Its hard for me to make decisions sometimes and I hem & haw for weeks. But once the decision is made, it's pretty solid and I can't wait to have these installed! I'll show a before & after as soon as I can...


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  1. Lizzi, you are so awesome! I'm happy your house is becoming your home.


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