/ Saturday, February 6, 2016

(Taken by me as a second photographer for Chris Ellis; edited by me)

2015 was one crazy roller coaster ride for me. I learned so much about LIFE - the super amazing, the horribly bad, and every moment in between. When the clock stroke midnight on New Year's Eve 2016, I felt fortunate. Lucky. I wrapped up 2015 as a learning and moved forward to 366 days of awesome.

Looking through some photos from last year, I couldn't help but stop at this. The moment I captured above is what I strive for. We just finished taking pictures of the bride's dress, shoes, etc. in a nearby bedroom and stepped into the living room. The bride and her grandma were holding hands, talking, and giggling in the dining room across from me. A sweet song came on, they pushed the chairs to the side, and started to dance together.

There are so many things that happen during a wedding day. Let's never forget to soak it all in...

More beautiful moments, amazing details, and love to share soon!


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