Valentine's Day Weekend & A Goal

/ Tuesday, February 16, 2016

(Working on my Portland reunion scrapbook)

Ever since I was little, I loved taking photos of anything and everything. One time, I took my mom's beloved camera on my field trip to a local museum. I took so many pictures of the details - ancient artifacts, old photographs (yup, pictures of pictures), and installations. When my mom picked up the photos from the rolls (plural, not singular) of film I gave her, she was surprised with the amount of inanimate objects I captured. She reminded me to make sure to take photos of people, too. Oops. The love of capturing details never left me though. They tell a story of their own.

One of my personal goals this year is to take five minutes once a week and walk around our home capturing this time in our lives. I want to remember what it was like, how it felt, and who we were.

And, I want to remember the two bouquets he gave me this year, my undeniable love for owls, and how a surprise bouquet from a sweet friend brightened up my day...

I cannot wait to see where this project takes me and join me if you like - would love to see what you capture, too! Just leave a comment below. 

My Valentine's Day weekend was pretty low-key... dinner with the hubs at one of our favorite restaurants, a movie at home, lots of scrapbooking, binge watching The 100 with my sister, and helping a future groom prepare a sweet surprise proposal --- so excited!

What did you do for Valentine's Day weekend? Hope it was a great one!


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